We use HA (Hyaluronic Acid) Dermal Fillers which are temporary and naturally biodegradable. Hyaluronic acid is a clear gel-like substance which is naturally produced by and found in our body and a major component in our skin. As we age the body produces less and less of it and results in loss of volume. The main function of HA is to retain water it binds ca. 1000 times its weight in water. HA Dermal fillers are injected into the treatable area to temporarily correct loss of volume, shape, contour and reduce lines and wrinkles for a more fresher appearance. The effects are immediate and will last from 6 up to 18 months patient and area dependent. 


Nasolabial Folds (nose to mouth lines), 1 ml                      € 300

Marionettes (corner of the mouth), 1 ml                              € 300 

Perioral Lines ('Smokers Lines/Barcode"), 1 ml                 € 300  

Lips, 1 ml                                                                                   € 300


Cheeks, 1 ml                                                                             € 300

Tear Trough (under eye), 1 ml                                                € 400

Mid-Facial Combo (Cheeks & TT) 2 ml                                € 600


Non-surgical Rhinoplasty (Nose), 1 ml                                € 450



Review appointments for HA Dermal Fillers must be requested between 14 and 21 days after the initial treatment. Any requests outside this defined time frame will be considered as a new treatment and the full price will be due.



Risks, complications & possible side effects (not exhaustive):


Bleeding/redness at injection sites

Hypersensitivity/Allergic (Anaphylactic) reaction - rare but could occur

Formation of nodules (lumps) around the treated area

Slight visibility/palpability of the product under the skin

Bruising which may last up to a few weeks

Infection/abscess formation following treatment/eruption of cold sores

Small/rare possibility of filler being injected into a blood vessel which could lead to blockage of the blood flow to the area supplied by the blood vessel causing skin soreness/coldness/numbing/discoloration. In this instance contact the clinic as soon as possible

Perfect symmetry may not be achievable

Limited or non-response to treatment

Extremely rare risk of blindness if filler is injected into certain anatomical sites


Pre-treatment advice: 

- Avoid if possible taking any OTC painkiller like Aspirin/Ibuprofen, Alcohol or other blood thinning supplements (Fish oils, St.

  Johns Wort, Vitamins A-E) as these might increase the risk of bruising

- For your treatment arrive with no make-up

- You should not have had any other aesthetic treatment within 2 weeks prior to your appointment.


Post treatment instructions:  

- Possible redness should resolve within an hour

- Avoid massage or put pressure/make-up on injected areas for 24 hours.

- Avoid any heat i.e. hot showers/baths/sauna/steam/sun exposure/excessive exercises 48 hours

- No alcohol/heavy exercises for 48 hours

- Treatment is immediate but can take up to 14 days to settle

- Do not get any other aesthetic treatment for 14 days after your treatment.



 In whatever case you experience any unexpected symptoms please contact the clinic.

Hyaluronidase (Filler dissolve)

HA Dermal Fillers can be dissolved with Hyaluronidase (Hyalase), which is a natural enzyme and breaks down the cross linked HA Dermal Fillers within an hour up to a few days. It corrects uneven ('lumpy'), overfilled or not correct treated areas of concern. 


HA Filler dissolve             € 250


Some redness, mild irritation and /or swelling can occur.